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Our Health Consultations

We offer many personalized health services to ensure your health is being taken care of.  From filling your prescriptions,  to giving you advices and tips on travel and managing your medications and medical conditions, our pharmacy team is committed to provide the care you need.

How are we different from other community pharmacies?

We treat our patients like our own families. We want to make sure we give you the attention you deserve. We provide one-on-one consultations with our patients. To help you get to your goals, our pharmacist will continue to follow up with you regularly after the initial consultation. Even if you don't fill your prescriptions here, you can still book an appointment to talk to us!

Most of our health consultation services are free of charge to our patients! 

Our government provides coverage for patients with certain chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, some heart conditions, COPD and asthma, to receive this service. 

Why let time compromise your health?

By booking an appointment with us, we make sure we allocate enough time to discuss your health and medications. To book online, click here.