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Prophylaxis and Avoidance

Anti-malarial medications, mosquito repellents, bed nets and other mosquito avoidance measures are the most effective protection against infection for travellers.  Each traveller must be individually assessed in order to determine the most suitable anti-malarial medication.  Mosquito repellents and, depending on risk level, insecticide treated bed nets and clothing are used together with prophylactic anti-malarial drugs to provide maximum protection from bites.

Malaria is a serious, life threatening disease caused by Plasmodium parasites.  It is mostly transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito; it is also possible to become infected through needle sharing, organ transplant and blood transfusion.  Due to the unpredictability and seriousness of the infection, even suspected infection of malaria is considered a medical emergency and must seek immediate medical attention.  Risk of malaria exists in numerous countries throughout the world, including South America, Central America, Middle East, parts of Caribbean and risk of infection is particularly high in large parts of South, Southeast Asia, and Africa.  Risk also varies greatly among travellers even in the same country.  Depending on the type of accommodation, planned activities, style of travel and cities and areas to be visited, a traveller may require the use of antimalarial medication in addition to mosquito repellents.