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  • Travel Health Consultations 
    • From prescribing, to dispensing and providing vaccinations and travel consultations, we provide a one-stop service for your convenience all during one appointment visit.  Our goal is to save you time from running around, so you can invest more time on planning your trip as a traveller.
  • Injections and Immunizations
    • Our pharmacists provide vaccination and injection service for adults and children above 5.
    • Injection and immunization for children under 5 will be given by our registered nurse on site by appointment.
  • Annual Influenza Vaccinations
    • We provide FREE annual flu shots for all eligible Alberta residents.
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews
    • We understand how much you value the helpful information provided by your pharmacists.  We offer scheduled appointments, where you can sit down in a relaxed and uninterrupted environment to discuss your medications, health conditions and concerns with your pharmacists.
  • Diabetes and Heart Health Education
    • We provide you with related knowledge, actively monitor your health, and keep you up-to-date with the latest news and treatment options to help you make better health decisions.
  • Smoking Cessation Program
    • If you are willing, we are here to help!  Encouragement plays a big part in challenging tasks. Our pharmacists are here to provide non-prescription and prescription options to help you achieve success in our smoking cessation program.
  • Compliance Packaging
    • To help you better manage your medications, we offer weekly or monthly compliance packages to ensure compliance. Whether you are taking long-term medications or traveling with medications, our compliance packs can help you reduce the number of missed doses and keep track of your medications.
  • Health Seminars
    • We provide FREE seminars regularly at our pharmacy and partner with other non-profit organizations to host health education events.  We believe information and knowledge play important roles in your health and help you make healthier choices.

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