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YF-Vax is a live vaccine recommended for healthy travellers between 9 months and 60 years of age.  Although a booster dose is generally not recommended, certain countries may still require proof of vaccination within 10 years before entry is granted.  For children between 6 to 8 months of age and for adults over 60, the vaccine may or may not be recommended depending on the health status of the individual and the level of risk they face during travel.  

​​​Yellow fever is a serious viral infection transmitted through bite of an infected mosquito, and occurs in large parts of Africa and South America.  Most people recover within a few days after the appearance of symptoms; however in about 15% of cases the condition deteriorates, resulting in bleeding, jaundice and multisystem organ failure.  Of these cases, about 50% are fatal.  Yellow fever vaccine is highly effective in providing protection against the disease, and may be recommended depending on risk level of the traveller.  Certain countries require travellers to be vaccinated against yellow fever prior to entry, otherwise they may be quarantined up to 6 days, refused entry or vaccinated on site.

Yellow Fever